About The Group

YMN Group is home to innovative solutions, iconic genius,
and creative offerings. With insatiable curiosity and 32
years of expertise, our small stamp business grew into a
not-so-small holding consisting of 8 companies and a
myriad of sub-companies, serving over 1000 clients across
the region.

We believe in graduating mega-brands into the market
with everything they need to make it big. We want to
surprise, beguile, and entice.


YMN Group brings show stopping solutions to various
industries, including both governmental and non-
governmental organizations.

Offering everything fromprinting and packaging
services, onto the sales of machinery and innovative
technologies, we take pride in our experience that
spans across the table.


YMN Stories

Print is about People & Relationships as much as it is about Material & Ink!

Printing is all about you. It is a dive into your world of creativity and emotions. We believe there is a story behind every printed file and we are lucky to be your storytellers.

Our high quality, artistic and creative printing will showcase your brand and fulfill your needs.
Our reach and expertise in materials and printing trends and technologies, united with our spirit of curiosity, allows us to cater the most convenient print solutions, enhance customer production efficiency, and reflect customer brand image through our printed material.

“Stay True To Your Roots”; we will forever be loyal to Printing and acknowledge it as the solid ground that our family of verticals grew from.

Discover YMN’s world of Prints Check our “TOMORROW IN HAND” kit that we created as a Practical Guide In Artful Business in print

YMN Packaging

We work with an eye on the peak, with innovation at the top

YMN Industries offers leading technologies and creative solutions of unmatched quality for your brand’s packaging, labeling, or plastic production.

We are your partners in your brand’s journey to success, with our award-winning touch & feel effects as a top game changer in the region.

With competitive offerings and unrivaled customer service, we create experiences and revolutionize the way your customers interact with your brand, keeping your brand’s best interest at the heart of every step we take.

YMN Tech

The future is here
Let’s embrace it together

YMN Tech takes what you know and turns it upside down to create something fresh and exciting. If you want to give your customers a jolt every time they pick up your product, we bring the voltage.

With brand new ideas in Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, and concepts executed in a smooth and seamless manner, we offer an electrifying take on the everyday and mundane. Crafting experiences for your consumers is our expertise, and we do it with flair and dynamism, ensuring a unique and genuine result that matches your brand’s personality.

YMN Secure

Authenticity and security
Technology in the palm of your hand

YMN Secure takes on various industries, providing a wide range of authentication and security services and solutions to commercial, governmental, and financial institutions.


YMN Creations

An overflowing of passion, we build homegrown quality machinery

YMN creations of machineries is a reflection of our excellence and experience in the industry. Because we are intuitive to our customers’ needs, and we believe in providing them with iconic offerings continuously, we recently got the urge to start creating our own machines to get the job done.

With insatiable curiosity, pioneering ideas, and revolutionizing concepts, we always remain at the forefront of change aiming for more unique success stories in tech and machinery to keep us soaring.

Find out when a new YMN machine is out! Shop Corona 2200 Core Cutter

YMN Tactics

Guided by our compass of talents and expertise
We bring our services full circle

YMN Tactics brings our services full circle. This is where we work to help you ideate, create, and manage, so you can grow and thrive.

We know the ins and outs of things, and so we give you the launching pad it needs to take off. We offer consultancy and management solutions and services to achieve results, using our compass of talents and years of expertise. From assessment and training, on to management and consulting, we relay our know-how to help you reach your future milestones.

Benefit from our 32 years of experience. Discover how we can help you achieve new milestones!

YMN Levels

From A to Z, success is complete

YMN Levels takes on your brand’s project from A to Z, offering engineering, consultancy, project management and implementation for anything you can think of.

We fill the gap between ideation and creation with our team of top class consultants and specialists. We undertake any project and deliver it with the most suitable look and feel, alongside user-friendly operation. From project management, to logistics, we will handle it for you from A to Z.

Contact us to find out what we can do for you

YMN Empower

We rise by lifting others
Empowered people empower others.

Business and success are our fortes but our genuine care for our partners, clients, and community does not stop at that. Over the many decades, we have been hard at work to give back, because we believe in leaving this world a better place.

At YMN, we believe empowerment is the core of a healthy community and it is our duty to fight for its achievement.

Empowerment comes in many forms. Education is one of them.
We believe that combining skills with relevant information is the only way to make a person thrive, allowing him in depicting his future.
Mr. Mohamad Al Yaman (CEO) takes it on as his mission to revolutionize our educational system by building vocational schools across the country starting with his hometown Saida where the project is in its initial development phase.
According to him, building solid communities derives from offering the right type of education for youth.

Empowerment also goes beyond education by the simple act of sharing.
At YMN, we are open to share our resources, expertise, knowledge, and capabilities and we encourage our partners to do the same, to empower entrepreneurs and help them turn their ideas into reality; with a plan to provide free co-working spaces to assist entrepreneurs in their journey.

Contact us to find out what we can do for you


Smart Disruption

Looking for a new way of thinking?
We love to make waves in the market by offering out of the box services and solutions for smart disruption.

Strategic Impact

Tired of the dull and dismal?
We make a strategic impact, crafting solutions that compliment your customers’ needs and positively influence their day-to-day routines.

Trusted Authority

Want someone who knows their stuff?
We pride ourselves in being a trusted authority that creates trends and spreads them in the market.

Heartfelt Engagement

Looking for a team that is all in, all the time?
We love what we do, and every one of our team members is fully engaged with their colleagues and customers on a daily basis.

Insatiable Curiosity

Want to step into the future?
We cultivate foresight, beyond insight. We are
continually going after the next big idea and
exploring new ways to create value for your and our customers.

Personal Relationships

All about crystal clear communication?
We understand you and we speak your language. We take on your industry and your brand and join your team, creating unity and a synergy that speaks volumes.


We want to change the way people interact
with brands… Your brand!
We work with our eye on the prize, with
innovation at the top of our agenda.



We thrive to build a new world of innovation, where brands are empowered, leaving memorable footprints in the sands of the global market.

A word from our CEO

At YMN, our people define us, innovation inspires us, and our curiosity leads us.

We take pride of our team of experts, who, through their hard work, dedication, and deep understanding of our values, keep driving our company forward.

Our vision is to become one of the world’s most recognized groups in our field, and we say it with certainty, as we know our vision will become our truth. For us, it is never a matter of IF, rather always a matter of WHEN. We know our hard work will pay off.

At YMN, we enjoy searching for gaps to fill, all while seeking innovation in everything we do. In our expansion, we do not believe in the “why”; instead, we preach the “why not”. Ever growing, ever expanding, and ever reaching.

From a small stamp business to 8 fortunate companies serving over 1000 clients across the region, we were able to transform a family business and evolve it into a corporate culture. Our growth has come from our ability to understand our clients’ core businesses and human capital needs, offering them high-end, tailored made solutions, and creating genuine relationships built on trust.

We do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations and we treat the smallest jobs with the same care and dedication given to the big ones. We work with a mindset of always seeking to become better than the previous day, knowing that even if we are leaders in some areas, there is always something new to learn, and we remain students in many other areas.

We look forward to combine your needs with our expertise in order to create impactful long-term relationships and results.

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