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YMN Tech takes what you know and turns it upside down to create something fresh and exciting. If you want to give your customers a jolt every time they pick up your product, we bring the voltage.

With brand new ideas in Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, and concepts executed in a smooth and seamless manner, we offer an electrifying take on the everyday and mundane. Crafting experiences for your consumers is our expertise, and we do it with flair and dynamism, ensuring a unique and genuine result that matches your brand’s personality.

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No two fingerprints are the same.
Seers is your fingerprint!

Seers is a technology from YMN Group that creates unique marks and embeds them inside your print, giving every product you produce its individuality with a unique fingerprint that opens doors to magnificent new realms for your customers to discover.

It is the world’s first brand authentication and protection platform that supports worldwide brands in protecting their products and enhancing their customer journey and experience.

SEERS platform uses state of the art technology in Artificial Intelligence coupled with Big Data, Advanced Vision Algorithms, and the latest innovations to curb counterfeiting, promote products, boost customer engagement, and protect your brand.



Add life to your prints!

At YMN tech, we develop custom Augmented Reality Solutions that ensure high engagement from your customers, for all types of industries.
Your brand will benefit from an immersive customer journey associated with digital content.

Minipeeps is an example of the usage of this technology where greeting cards were re-invented. Mini Peeps is a fun innovative example combining design, packaging and technology to create revolutionary products. Modeled around social stereotypes, Minipeeps are playful and quirky characters that give a completely new insight into greeting cards and the gifting experience.

Use Technology to create revolutionary products and maximize an effective communication with your clients.

Know your clients and reach an effective communication with them

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